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Rhonda Lerche

We are thankful for the many opportunities we've been given.  

We have been blessed with a thriving business for many years now.

We truly appreciate our customers' positive feedback.

Our business continues to grow each year because of  referrals to friends and family. 

Thank you so much for your continued trust and loyalty!



James & Reagan Martin


Here's what our customers are saying...






Just want to say I was quite surprised to receive your letter and a refund check for $95. 

You have integrity that is seldom found these days. I want you to know that you have

a customer and a big promoter of your company. 



Steve C.

Southlake, TX.

April 26, 2007


Dear James/Pool Connection,

I appreciate the quick attention on fixing my salt water cell in such a
busy time of the year.
Although my salt water chlorine system stopped
working just shy of a year, within a day you had a new one in its place.
It is great to see there are still businesses out there that provide
excellent service after the sale.

Thanks again!

Breck M.
Plano, TX.






Hey my friend! Rob and I wanted to thank you for being our pool consultant this summer.

My California family and friends totally enjoyed their time here in the pool...it was

(and continues to be) crystal clear.  In any event, we wanted to say thanks for

always being available to us when we need HELP!!!


Shirley & Rob N.

Keller, TX.





I consider it  privilege to endorse your company. It is very rare today

to find a service company that is Fair, Honest & Dependable.

You my friend wrote the book!

Every experience with you has been 100% .

You need to start a school on the qualities of customer service/satisfaction.

I would encourage you to list my phone number for a personal reference.

Richard H.
Collinsville, TX.





Katy and I wanted to say thanks again for your excellent service for all of our pool needs. 

As I mentioned to you before, we had a pool service guy for many years that retired. 

We looked long and hard for another one and even tried a couple of the "well known"

pool companies in the area for our service needs and we were less than impressed with them. 

Then, we found you and have been extremely happy with your company and your service. 

We appreicate your promptness to our needs, your honesty, and your excellent recommendations to us. 

Many times you have saved us money with your ideas and that has meant the world to us.

As Realtors, we are always looking for great contractors to assist us with our clients needs. 

Now that we have found you, we now have an excellent referral for our clients that need

assistance with their pool needs.

Thanks again for the excellent service. 

Ed and Katy J.

Coppell, TX.



I have been using Pool Connection and could not be more happy.  Your help
have made our pool a big experience in our home and we could not be more
delighted.  We bought our home about 9 years after the pool was installed,
and yes - just when all the pumps needed to be replaced.  Also, diagrams for
piping etc. did not come with the home.  James worked with us explaining
waterfalls, main pool piping, etc. 

James' expertise have helped us in replacing our pumps so that we now have
new technology while saving on electricity.  I compaired prices: Pool
Connection fees are very competitive.  James' knowledge of salt water pools
- the do's and do not's - the workmanship and professionalism have made all
the difference.

Thank you!
Alan P
Highland Village, TX 75077